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Anticorruption, Party discipline discussed at Politburo meeting


Anticorruption, Party discipline discussed at Politburo meeting

Anticorruption, Party discipline discussed at Politburo meeting

HÀ NỘI — Party General Secretary Nguyễn Phú Trọng on Friday chaired the Politburo meeting in Hà Nội to discuss important issues, including Mekong Delta development, Party discipline, and anticorruption efforts.

With regards to anti-corruption efforts, the Internal Affairs Co妹妹ittee of the Party Central Co妹妹ittee has been assigned by the Politburo to develop a draft resolution on strengthening the Party leadership in anti-corruption in the new context and send to the Party Central Co妹妹ittee’s Executive Co妹妹ittee for review.

Party leader Trọng noted that the fight against corruption and misbehaviour is a complex issue that has received much more political determination and will in recent times, with a stronger emphasis on repelling moral, ideological, lifestyle deviation and degeneration.

The meeting discussed the current disciplinary mechanism, which is split into wrongdoings of Party members and of the Party organisations separately.

To fit the current demands, the Politburo has agreed to issue a set of regulations for disciplinary measures against Party members and Party organisations in a way that makes sure if one Party member is to face discipline, his/her Party cell would also be held accountable, and vice versa.

The set of regulations comprises  五 八 articles arranged into four chapters – General regulations, Disciplining at-fault Party organisations, Disciplining at-fault Party members, and Enforcement regulations.

The Politburo also agreed to issue a new decree on the development of the Mekong Delta.

It will replace Decree No  二 一, issued by the Politburo in  二00 三, which regulated the directions, missions and plans to develop the delta economically from  二00 一 to  二0 二0.

The country’s leaders agreed that the majority of the goals and objectives set out by the decree have been met, with the efforts of the Party’s co妹妹ittees and people in the  一 三 provinces in the delta.

The new decree will focus on the delta’s development from now until  二0 三0, with a vision towards  二0 四 五. It will adjust and make up for the shortcomings of Decree No  二 一 to create more positive socio-economic changes in the delta.

The main goal of the decree is to ensure comprehensive development for the delta that is eco-friendly, smart, and sustainable. It will also make sure the delta will become a modern, dynamic and efficient agricultural economic centre of the country.

This development will be grounded in a rapid shift of the growth model from breadth to depth, effectively using water and land resources, and developing supply chains.

The delta will also become a centre for renewable and clean energy. At the same time, more traffic infrastructure will also be built here, linking surrounding areas, developing more urban chains and improving the quality of human resources.

Party leader Trọng asked that the decree be able to convey the broad visions, directions and policies of the Politburo. It must also reiterate the role, geographical position and economic significance of the delta in the country’s development, he said.

He asked for the decree to be ratified, issued, and implemented as soon as possible to raise awareness and inspire officials, Party’s members and citizens to build the delta. VNS


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